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La elaboración de catálogos en la era de los telescopios de gran apertura

© Jorge F. García Yus, 2000,
Space Telescope Science Institute
Baltimore, MD. USA.


The construction of stars catalogs for the support and planning of astronomical observation has been a task of increasing interest. The advance conducted with the first Guide Star Catalog, made for the orbital Hubble Space Telescope's operation, and the access to the full digital sky images, has changed the telescope operation dramatically, thus facilitating the scheduling and optimizing the time of use of different instruments. The challenge with large aperture and adaptive optic telescopes, together with the project of the new generation space telescope, has provided the Space Telescope Science Institute again with the task of compiling another catalogue, deeper, with more available parameters, that will allow to make sophisticated observations while simultaneously ensuring the stable and risk free operation of the state of art detectors.